In The Wake of Pestilence


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    In The Wake of Pestilence (2013)
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Dehumanized 04:30
Devoid of your own conscience Programmed as neurons bleed A malformed miscreation In vain collapsing their reign Of fabricated, automated rhetoric Ushered in New world breed Humans void of thought Programmed to eradicate, And bring us all to naught Dehumanized Time to rise against the horde To fight for what is left Descending to annihilate And take our every breath Our end is met by our disease Rise Stare within the blackened void Into the eyes that made you blind And pray to gods of emptiness... Forced by their paths of deceit A venom that screams their disease Attempting control of our lives With promises of paradise One by one – nailed down Hammered by the nails Of your own disgusting lies Drain the blood of your sin Eviscerated, dead, On the cross of nothingness Rising against deception Severed indoctrination We are... the rising victors We are... the voice of reason You are... fragmented nothing You are... dehumanized
Aberrated 04:25
Realignment Legion clustered marching on Portals to dimensions wide Open, travelled Visionaries lead the way Deconstructing heaven's lie Vile paths converge Choices unearthed, left to deviate From cognizant hypocrisy Spiritual helotry Abrogating Paths instilled by greedy hands Amputating Morals forced yet unobserved Decision to return or carry on Conviction leads the way... Strayed, abnormal, renewed morals The deformed descending to Revoke and conquer Set asunder all in power Leaving nothing but their ashes We are aberrated, deformed, liberated Strayed, abnormal, renewed morals The deformed descending to Revoke and conquer Parasites in power Flayed and torn Bled and worn Flesh removed reveals New resolve to absolve Passages deceived Flayed... bled... flesh... Revealing the truth Reaching forth to restore Spoils from centuries of war Battlefield in minds controlled Laid to waste Dead...dead and unprovoked
Evil within the heart and soul Of hatred grows Flesh torn, reaching out, tearing up Reconstructed The dawn awaits to take its shape A darkness striving Inwards thriving Massacre of sovereignty Erupting The truth cuts through to satiate A world left to emaciate All shall suffer a sordid fate Devitalized Carved apart by their own knives Leaving nothing left But despondency And a foreboding Nightmare Our hate cuts through All those who reigned Now they bleed and pray in vain Faces serrated Heaps of decaying Bodies impaled in the fields Where they lay empty To stare at the sun Scorching their carrion For never immortalized Their legacy has putrefied Devitalized Leaving nothing But their putrefying carcasses
The Antibody 04:28
Pathogens are reaching from this dark decline Infection is surging through the veins of time Ascension of redesigned morbidity Conception in lifeless putrid entities Pods of prototypes emerge Suffering prolonged by whispers plaguing dreams Flirtations with darkness carve the escape Out of darkness... Arising from a new design Coded with malevolence, Harvest of the realigned: Antibody to mankind New in the molecules of mankind Lies the antibody our design Formed in hatred and revulsion: Rivalry to faith's contagion Dissolve all gods From man's equation Resolve malfunction Prevail from self-collapse From, our sordid nightmares Of, imprisonment Came, the cure of obliteration Came, the dawn of the realigned Suffer… Prolong… All the whispers plaguing dreams Insertion Of death that seeps into the soul Necrosis Now possesses all their sins
Lies! Those seeds they've sown Now reap their own In silence they decay The soil of man Their fractured plan Leaves nothing worth to save From death they breed Void of disease A process of design...inside Molecules of twisted shape Particles of seething hate Helix formed deep in scorn Shall rise the ranks of the deformed Transformed Without seeds that destroyed it all The plane of existence levelled Horizon fades as ranks invade Destroying remnants left from the plan That died inside us all Eviscerating thoughts A program left to rot With conscience unprovoked A metamorphosis evolved The deeds of human flesh are born anew Annihilated lies, all deities have died Unbound from fettered ties In truth the world can rise The fractured seeds are withered screams Screaming memories A haunted past attempts To reach its hands, and grasp again Yet it doesn't have a chance For we are transmutated
Insurgence 04:10
Under flesh, a surge awaits to be expelled Calamity, a fate now sealed In the wake, pestilence encroaching near Insurgents rise Vindicate! An onslaught retribution Together they form as one Enmeshed to vanquish their dead reign now There they are, dragged, a public display Gutted, in sequence, without delay Left for the sun to scorched Heaps of dead, guilty as charged They dictated the world A chronicle ends, as dawn ushers in Here we are, bound, unparalleled storm New world order, rising Tearing down their fabric of disease Purging, cleansing, immolating all that was Torn from the pierced hands of rotting gods Burning up their relics of disgust Purging, cleansing, immolating nothing left Fragments wither from their charred deceit Destroyed World anew, the phoenix soars as battles die Screams unheard, ashes in the winds of time A few survive, and now they try To fight for what remains of life Futile existence Carnage renewed Enslaved are they who tried to retrieve The loss of their slaughtered empires Screams of anguish, fill the hollow holes Where they will die and the new world will thrive
Gods, perished in flames Hope torn Shred, like flesh from the bone Limbs, scatter the fields Blood soaked Tears, that dried in the wind Prayers, rotted by fear Silent, cries fading as light dies Across lands they see Pure catastrophe Ruins, bodies, no salvation Hollowed, left in holes Hordes of dying souls Screaming, muted By this deafening silence Deep in the empty Thoughts linger still: Is this the end or the start of it all? The absence of sound From chaos around Conceiving the new breed Now marching on From the end of domination In this wake of pestilence God's faith suffocates Hollowed, left in holes Hordes of dying souls Screaming, muted By this deafening… God's faith suffocates
Death Permeates the atmosphere Lifeless prototypes Scattered fragments Lingers fresh The stench of fear Breathless bodies Rotting in obscurity Empty eulogies Their sins now Are eternally impaled Bound Within the veil we Glance at our losses Wars now restoring Our imprisoned logic Remnants of decimation Shall remain Streets ruptured, No structure Foundations No longer, all rubble Freedom under layers Of ultimate collapse As far as the eye can see Liberty We have conquered Tearing, shredding Every part of enslavement Brought by man’s created gods We have conquered Tearing, shredding Every part of lies by gods Who scream in vain Breathless deities Whisper fallacies Empty promises A nuisance of the past Decimated Remnants of lies Dead forever Fields of ashes remain


In The Wake of Pestilence

• Debut album
• Released: 2013
• Label: Independent


released December 6, 2013

Recorded, mixed and mastered by: Dan Rogers

Music & lyrics written by: DEFORMATORY
© All Rights Reserved

Guitars & Vocals ► Charlie L.
Drums ► Neil G.
Bass ► Justin B. (RIP)
Guitar ► Jeff C.

Additional vocals on "Insurgence" by: Jeff U. (ex-Obduracy)
Artwork by: Remy Cuveillier


all rights reserved



DEFORMATORY Ottawa, Ontario

╫ Est. 2010 ╫

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