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godsebek thumbnail
godsebek Just got the Harbinger tape with a personal note from the band <3
Harbinger is pure brutal madness and I really like how the sound evolved. Keep it up and thanks for this beautiful tech death piece of work! Favorite track: CORPSEBORN.
stomachgrinder thumbnail
stomachgrinder Awesome sounding techdeath! This is my 2nd album by this Canadian band.. slightly slower in parts! than the previous album; not just blasting all the way through - very enjoyable album though! Favorite track: CORPSEBORN.
Camelus Dromedarius
Camelus Dromedarius thumbnail
Camelus Dromedarius Extremely tight, no-frills brutal death metal that wastes no time. This EP, while short, is dense and has plenty to unpack, especially compared to more typical dm/bdm EP of a similar length. Some of the best bdm of the year. Favorite track: CORPSEBORN.
unholy_trinity thumbnail
unholy_trinity This shit fucking destroys everything in its path. This band knows how to deliver merciless punishment. Every song crushes and never lets up. The breaks they do toss in are so brief that you barely have enough time to recover before they hit you again. Not sure what I was expecting but it sure as fuck wasn't this. I just discovered these lads and now I MUST dig into their back catalogue.
This type of death metal creates anxiety in the best possible way. Well fucking done boys!!! Favorite track: PLAGUEWORM.
Majestic12 thumbnail
Majestic12 Ruthless. Relentless. Violent.
And straight up beautiful.
This album takes you on a journey through the portals of hate. Authentically destructive death metal at its finest. Favorite track: SUNROT.
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    Side A - Harbinger EP - Full Version
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  • HARBINGER Digipak (Limited Edition)
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    Limited digipak pressing of HARBINGER (EP)
    Maniacal death metal by DEFORMATORY

    Artwork by Paolo Girardi
    Additional artistic creations by Adrian Baxter

    Recorded, mixed, mastered and more by Topon Das at Apartment 2 Recording

    Includes unlimited streaming of HARBINGER via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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Rise O Pestilence Thine Star Awaits awakening, spewed forth from the hornet’s hive a vulture’s spawn enslaved from the light begone cultivate to vitiate the cultured dawn by the stench of a dying star beyond the mouth of the rising svn, it descends and descends by the wave of a hand unleashed upon flies and the larvae they brand within the light that shines in the crypt, the horde sleeps not as they bewitch extract and subtract from the core of the coagulate, entranced by the winds of the clergy wings dissect the veins…enlighten…strain now, present the Moon breed the filth, breathe in filth, be the filth “As vermin be, so they now be”
within the fury of desolate winds, vermin ride upon wings of the scorched prayers reach the void only to return in a fire of vengeance and hate and scorn no reprieve from their fate a savior they detach from the cross of rotting flesh; yet his stench and decay is what is left staring back ingesting remnants, the Plagueworm breeds, ushering the torment of hydra Breathe My Pestilent Thy Glory Dims no reprieve from their fate ingesting remnants, the Plagueworm breathes and breathes and causes life to fucking cease flies drop like flies and their larvae scream, drowning the sound of dead prayers from the void soil now blood seeds are sown roots unfurl stems breach forth corpses born hornets swarm the sun casts its glow on the marrow dust; fragments of all, carried by winds now calm
SUNROT 03:54
Die In My Pestilence, Thou Maggot of Whores thy tongue means nothing when the flesh is boiled to sludge smoldering you melt, as your suffering prolongs resuscitate animate denigrate behold, your crown of filth remains enslaved to the veil cast into black scatter in lines as ants under flame burrow in bile reflecting the vile somatic mutation, transgress you must not, for the air you must breathe will fill with rot scream you cannot for your tongue is not flesh from your face has peeled in disgrace screams from the sun reek with rot to summon the rain, to syphon the flood from the brimstone He erupts scale by blackened scale, spewing forth the boil the Serpent in bloom, worship or doom enslaved to the veil, cast into black decay is left the Serpent awaits
trapped by the talons of His embrace, no air, can’t breathe the Serpent's foul stench suffocates, asphyxiates, strangulates as you fall limp, with both eyes turned back, your bones have been crushed by the weight of His black cold dead heart He tears out a vein to drip it all back in fervor you feed as the Serpent bleeds no drop will you spill, you harlots of greed Pray To My Pestilent One, O Swarm of the Fallen resurgence to pulse, arise by His strings fall in a worship, silent, deafening praise Him, fellate worship, fellate swallow, fellate discarded, you wait led by the strings that were woven in fear, deflesh you must be veiled, mutate deviate from stardust you came, corpseborn you are from the seed of the worm worship while he sodomizes your shame rise to the altar, dustcult blindly you follow, dustcult dead; you are hollow, dustcult dead you are


From their destructive 2013 debut “In The Wake of Pestilence”, on through their crushing 2016 follow-up “Malediction” and into the vortex of insanity from their 2021 masterpiece “Inversion of the Unseen Horizon”, DEFORMATORY unrelentingly summon their creative darkness to deliver another slab of ferocious Canadian death metal.

Without acquiescing to the weakness of modern metal, they reach deep into the abyss of infernal intensity to deliver a new offering of blistering madness entitled “Harbinger”.

Every song, every riff and every beat writhes through its own iterations to devour the listener beyond this EP’s 15 minute runtime. Make no mistake: these are 15-minutes you will never get back and you will never recover from. The sheer energy your soul requires to withstand this offering of musical violence will render your very core into a depleted version of itself.

The phenomenal production of this album is the work of Topon Das (Fuck The Facts, Apartment 2 Recording), who impeccably captured the essence and intensity of DEFORMATORY’s vision. Every nuance has been brought to light, mixed and mastered without sacrificing integrity in order to fit into the modern standards of extreme music. All instruments are real fucking instruments and each can be discerned without the overproduced wall of plugins & tone packs we have unfortunately grown accustomed to hearing today. There is an eerie atmosphere that lurks throughout this album and it can be heard clearly through every string, growl and cymbal.

To visually encapsulate the onslaught of Harbinger’s music, artwork was masterfully created by the one and only Paolo Girardi. He has, without any doubt, unveiled one of his best paintings to date for this album cover. Additional haunting artistic creations were devilishly assembled by UK’s Adrian Baxter to further highlight the darkness that binds the death metal onslaught of DEFORMATORY’s new EP.

This is unequivocal vitriolic rage. This is uncompromising animosity.
This is not trendy. This is not a safe place.
This is a maelstrom of maniacal death metal.

You have been warned.
Heed the Harbinger’s call.

This album is for everyone that got raped during these last few years with fear, deceit, paralysis, sickness & death. Your anger is ours. Reprisal draws nigh; look to the sky; prepare you must.


released September 13, 2022

Recorded, mixed, mastered & more by: Topon Das (Fuck The Facts) at Apartment 2 Recording
October 2021 - February 2022

Album cover by: Paolo Girardi
Additional artwork by: Adrian Baxter


"Across these four new tracks the intensity is almost unwavering...the feeling of being caught in a spinning tornado of madness and mayhem never goes away. Fill your lungs with oxygen, because you’ll need as much of it as you can get."
No Clean Singing

"Harbinger reinforces the impossible extremity their core songwriters have long written into a cryptic cyclone of violent brutal death metal....the spectacular finesse on display here leaves no thought unaddressed, no half measures or potentiation left hanging."
Grizzly Butts

"The songs are savagely energetic and imbued with the desire to kill. Well-written and delivered with passionate expertise, Harbinger doesn’t mess around."
Wonderbox Metal

"Harbinger is a short and violent little EP, a perfect bite-sized helping of chaotic technical death metal... nothing overstays its welcome, there’s absolutely no fat whatsoever...Perfect in its savagery and delivery."
Toilet Ov Hell

"...these guys throw in so much energy and brutality, it's hard not to like it. I don't even want to think what kind of deadly mosh pits this stuff would trigger live."
The Metal Crypt

"...Harbinger is brutal from start to finish, this EP is going to blow your mind at any moment. "
Metallerium Webzine

"...the riffs play out with an almost schizophrenic frenetic energy, decorating the walls in blood as it goes. There is simply no escaping the shroud of darkness that cloaks the harbinger with this ferocious slab of Death Metal..."

"Real brutality from the first second till the last second."
Blessed Altar Zine

"Intensely relentless & destructively intelligent; Harbinger checks all items off the death metal list with ease. Deformatory perfectly channels musical violence in all its unholy glory with this EP."
Trve North Reviews

"Ferocious would be a word instantly popping to mind when you begin listening to Deformatory. The music is excellently composed and played to a high standard with a non-stop barrage of guitars and drums incinerating your very ear drums."
Fedup Zine

"Harbinger is four songs of heavy and ferocious death metal at it's finest."
Winter Torment Zine




DEFORMATORY Ottawa, Ontario

╫ Est. 2010 ╫

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